Focusing on Better Healthcare Through Information Technology

Focusing on Better Healthcare Through Information Technology 150 150 admin

What is HIMSS, I’m sure you all are asking? I bet you have no idea that it is right under your nose and being used in your everyday patient visits. HIMSS or Healthcare information and Management Systems Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving healthcare quality, safety, cost-effectiveness, and access, through the best use of information technology and management systems.

HIMSS members are known for developing many of today’s key innovations in healthcare delivery and administration, including telemedicine, computer-based patient records, community health information networks, and portable/wireless healthcare computing. Some of the best technology has been around for years, being tweaked and tested. HIMSS has found a way to connect health information and according to new surveys, half or more of doctor’s offices are using three or more of these technologies. There are currently seven technologies total including apps for patient engagement/education, patient portals, patient-generated health data, collected from consumer devices used for remote monitoring, remote patient monitoring using clinical grade medical devices, SMS texting, telehealth-audio visual fee for service, telehealth concierge service. This has become a widely accepted standard practice among hospitals and patients all over the U.S.

HIMSS is currently focusing its attention on health IT topics such as electronic health record systems, HIPAA security and privacy provisions, software usage and technical standards. They also hold an annual conference dedicated to bringing stakeholders together for several days to network and become educated in this type of healthcare.

So as stakeholders become more educated, we should too. We need to be more aware of the who, the what, and the why. Now that you understand the importance of these new advances, maybe then we can all be open minded to learning how to use these technologies to our advantage, and understand the grasp physicians have on their patients on a more personal level. HIMSS has changed the way patients and doctors communicate and understand, it is the wave of the future

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