Medicine in the On Demand Economy

Medicine in the On Demand Economy 150 150 admin

Thanks to the proliferation of on demand services, countless hours waiting for a show to air on television almost seem like a thing of the past. On Demand services such as Netflix and Hulu have transformed the way in which we consume media. So called cord cutters (individuals who discontinue cable TV service) once considered to be a niche, have continued to grow in numbers. And with the debut of HBO Now, consumers have suddenly gained access to real time streaming completely independent of a cable subscription. This trend continues to grow as content distributors seek to expand their audience and cater to the next generations’ preferences.

Mobile devices have given consumers more options for public transport, home delivery services and even apps that can file taxes within 15 minutes. The question remains… Where is the Dr. App? And why am I waiting days for an appointment?

Consumers’ frustration with the healthcare system in the US are very reasonable. Wait times at hospitals can be very long. In addition, costs continue to rise and insurance companies have begun to limit the number of in-network physicians associated with their plans more aggressively. Fortunately, telemedicine has the answers for a lot of these headaches.

Using a Telemedicine product such as Virtual ERs means reduced wait times to see PCPs, fewer unnecessary office and ER visits. But most importantly, patients can take advantage of the most competitive pricing in the industry. By adapting to our patients we make medicine work for them, on any device of their choosing, while using the communication tools and software they already love.

As these technologies become the norm, and as ISP’s (internet service providers) expand bandwidth capacity around the globe; telemedicine adoption is positioned to explode in the coming years. And maybe, just maybe, future generations can continue to cut cords, skip lines and receive fast, affordable and high quality healthcare.

Francisco M. Arriaga

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