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We are About to make your life easier with our Virtual Telemedicine.

With Virtual Telemedicine you connect directly with an us and you only interact with highly trained staff. Get medical care when it is convenient for you, without leaving your school, office, business, factory, prison system, warehouse, etc.

Virtual Telemedicine offers organizational plans for on-demand Telemedicine consultations via phone or online video when you need it, wherever you are and at a fraction of the cost of a clinic visit. We can connect to any business, school, prison system or even an isolated remote location that might require an consultation. Our American Board Certified Virtual Telemedicine physicians provide high quality telemedicine consultations and will also provide a treatment plan that may include a prescription. Our objective is to fill the needs of an organization and the patients who require convenient, fast, inexpensive quality care.


Employees or students who leave work or school to visit an Telemedicine clinic for non-emergency medical care are a huge burden on the employer or school, the healthcare system itself, employee or student and their families. Telemedicine is a convenient, efficient and rapid solution that drives down healthcare costs for health plans, employers, unions, schools and patients. Who else is better at understanding and decoding their symptoms and diagnosing and guiding them than ER physicians? Employees or students who have a simple problem that can be taken care of with a prescription are covered. The Virtual Telemedicine encounter provides the best process to deliver the best and most efficient care to the patient or guide them in the safest and most appropriate direction.

Employees or students will no longer have to miss half a day of work or school to go to the doctor for a routine illness.

These same individuals don’t have to wait days for an appointment Prescriptions can be called, emailed or faxed to the patient’s pharmacy of choice, saving them even more time off work. Telemedicine is becoming a more important aspect in the healthcare industry and has been heralded as a potential savior for heavily over-burdened healthcare systems across the globe.

Increased Patient Reach

With Telemedicine systems, doctors can examine and discuss with patients their cases “in person” from thousands of miles away. Virtual Telemedicine can easily access patients in hard to reach places, including isolated or remote areas, prisons and large metropolitan areas.

Timely Access

When timing is critical, limited care can be provided in real-time and on demand, without the cost, delays and complications that come with transferring patients.