Telemedicine Has it’s Perks

Telemedicine Has it’s Perks 150 150 admin

As questions about Telemedicine arise, companies and researchers are coming to the rescue with answers. Insurance companies are working diligently to justify costs and reimbursement for Telemedicine patients.

Telemedicine is popping up nationwide and people are starting to reap it’s many benefits. Telemedicine is a hot topic in healthcare, with consumers more willing than ever to see a doctor remotely. “In a national study of over 2,000 consumers, 64% said they would be willing to have a telehealth visit with their doctor via video.” With this knowledge in order to provide more convenient health care options to members, Blue Cross Blue Shield is starting to reimburse some Telemedicine services across the country.

Beginning in December, Blue Cross Blue Shield hopes it will provide more robust treatment options to the rural areas. Many of these services will include, but are not limited to outpatient cardiology, behavioral health, dermatology, infectious diseases and neurology. Many national plans embrace this healthcare innovation and have been steadily increasing coverage through partnerships with telemedicine services companies. This is great news for providers according to Telehealth Index, “as it suggests that over time telemedicine will gain equality footing with in-person consultations across the board. Beyond these laws, the high potential for cost savings in the commercial sector”.

Clinics that have struggled with the reimbursement process for telemedicine services, which has resulted in several unpaid claims, can now bring their much needed services to insured individuals. Nonetheless, reimbursement through private insurance companies is the least confusing and the most promising. With knowledge and experience Telemedicine continues to grow in size and popularity. As insurance companies begin to understand it’s value, American’s across the country will benefit from expanded access to quality medical care.

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